A Touch of Twist

Felting Supplies - stop in or call for assistance, we ship! 

Star Design felting needles with barbs on all surfaces

38 Gauge long shaft design. Packaged four per protected tube container with cap lid. Tube of Four- $ 6.95

Felting Needle holder

A wood designed tool that will hold 1-6 needles. This tool helps eliminate hand cramping. A standard screw driver removes the holding disc for needle replacement. Holding Tool - $ 5.25

Rambouliet Wool Top 100% domestic wool.

Micron count 24-26. Staple Length 3.25 inches. Felts easily by needle or wet felt techniques. Takes dye easily and quickly. One pound lots $ 18.00

Color Your Way

This product is made available in one ounce packaging (4 and 8 ounces available upon special request) the perfect size for the needle felters and used by the wet felting artist as accent colors. Made from Corriedale Wool with a micron count of 27-30, and a staple length of 4.25 inches. Price per bag - $1.95.

Available Colors: 

Black, Purple, Grey, Lilac, Natural, Lavender, Flesh, 

Chocolate, Magenta, Tan, Red, Dark Green, Pink, 

Green, Navy, Lime, Blue, Pale Green, 

Turquoise, Yellow, Sky Blue, Orange, Tangerine