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Dyeing Books - stop in or call for assistance, we ship!

A Dyers Garden Buchanan $ 9.95
A Weavers Garden Buchanan $16.95
Art and Craft of Natural and Dyeing Liles $19.95
Color and Dyeing Tidball $ 9.95
Color and Fiber Lambert $49.50
Color and Human Response Birren $27.95
Color by Accident Johnston $24.95
Colors From Nature McRae $17.95
Colors Story of Dyes and Pigments Abrams $12.95
Designer’s Guide to Color vol 1 $12.95
Designer’s Guide to Color vol 2 $12.95
Designer’s Guide to Color vol 3 $12.95
Designer’s Guide to Color vol 4 $12.95
Dye Plants and Dyeing Bbg $ 7.95
Dyeing for Fabric and Fibers DeBer $14.95
Dyeing the Natural Way Mustard $ 4.95
Dyeing Wool Schellinger $59.99
Dyes From Nature Bbg $ 8.95
Fabric Photos Croner $12.95
Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece Callahan $18.95
I Rather Dye Laughing Neel $ 7.95
Indigo From Seed to Dye Miller $9.95
Indigo Madder and Marigold Van Strlen $24.95
Lichens For Vegetable Dyeing  Bolton $13.95
Marbling on Fabric  Cohan $12.95
Mushrooms for Color Rice


Natural Dyes Fast or Fugitive Dalby $17.95
Natural Dyes for Vegetable Fibers Dalby $17.95
Natural Dyes From Northwest Plants Green $10.95
Navajo and Hopi - hard copy Hip $27.95
Navajo and Hopi - soft copy  Hip  $17.95
North American Dye Plants Bliss $ 9.95
Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving Walsh $12.95
Synthetic Dyes Natural Fibers - hard copy Knutson $16.95
Synthetic Dyes Natural Fibers - soft cover Knutson


Teach Yourself Visually, Hand-Dyeing  Parry  $21.99
The Art of Color Itten $85.00
The Color Star Itten $22.95
The Colour Cauldron Grierson $24.95
The Dyers Chameleon Indigo Ableman $ 7.95
The Dyers Companion Bemiss $ 7.95
The Hands on Dyeing Blumenthal/Kreider $12.95
The New Dyer Vinroot/Crowder $18.00
The Pot Davidson $ 8.95
The Red Dyes Sandberg $29.95
The Surface Designer Handbook Brackman $29.95
The Use of Vegetable Dyes Thurstan $19.95
The Yarn Book Walsh $26.50
Turning Wool in a Cottage Industry Simmons $14.95
Yarns to Dye For Taylor $21.95